Use a Operating System from a Usb Stick

Do you want to carry around ALL your settings and not just portable applications? Do you have a notebook and would like to try another operating system? Perhaps you don't have a CD or DVD drive and would like to use another operating system. Well now you can - by booting one from a USB stick!How to Use a Operating System from a Usb Stick - More articles at tutorials section


  • Ensure your PC is new enough to have a BIOS that can boot from USB.
  • Get a USB stick with enough capacity for the operating system you intend to install .
  • Installing Windows XP onto USB requires tweaking and third-party software.
  • Windows users can install the following Linux distros to the USB stick from within a Windows environment -
Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Xubuntu (since v8.10)
Fedora (since v8)
Knoppix (since v5.1)
SLAX (since v6)
PCLinuxOS MiniMe (since v2008)
and even more…
  • Non-Windows users may have to use a PC with a CD or DVD drive then install Linux to the USB stick. The following Linux distros can be installed to USB from the Live CD environment -
Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Xubuntu (since v8.10)
Knoppix (since v5.1)
  • Also Mac-on-Stick enables you to run Mac OS Classic 7.01.
  • In the meantime,You can try to download Windows XP  Portable editions from forums and install them on your USB drive.
  • Flash memory has a finite number of erase-write cycles. Most commercially available flash products are guaranteed to withstand around 100,000 write-erase-cycles.
  • Keep in mind not to fiddle with system files of usb OS until you know what you are doing.

Cheers and Keep learning.


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  1. Hi,
    I was using Vista ultimate and Ubuntu in different drives.There came both options(Vista & Ubuntu) in the boot loader when I start my computer but when
    I installed Windows 7 at boot time in the new drive I installed it successfully but I didn't found the option of Ubuntu in boot loader. It shows the options of Vista and Windows 7 at boot loader.All the operating systems are installed by CD/DVD.
    Is there any way to recover the option of Ubuntu at boot loader.


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