Blog Time

Hi Guys,I have returned from a 10 day vacation at Dehradun and I m rejuvenated with new energy to blog and to blog some more :)

Lemme’ start with my vacations,everything was not smooth there,leave the travelling and ticket time waste aside,but I had quite a brotherly reunion with my cousins and trust me,we pulled off great pranks together.Here are some pics of my tour.. Me with My Bike

Me with my Avenger

Fiddling at Dehradun

Having a Photo shoot at Aasaan bairaj,at the outskirts of Dehradun,Uttaranchal


Tehri - My homeland,now submerged below water due to Dam

Old Tehri – my Homeland,it is one of the last shots of it for the city is now below water..I revisited here to have a last look at it..


The Valley of Flowers - a great location at uttranchal to visit.

 The valley of flowers is a great location to chill out,to mingle with me it was a divine experience..


Trust me friends,pictures don't do justice to the actual experience I had,nor I was able to capture every chunk of my adventure (thanks to my malfunctioning Sony handicam,goes Kaput at the wrong time..),but it was surely a trip to remember.

Well,as this post shows,I m back and will resume to post some of great articles on this website.Stay tuned and thanks for supporting.










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