Play PS2 games on PC

Play PS2 games on PC Still wasting your dimes on going to game arcades for playing your favorite PS2 game ? (just in case you don't own it) . Or its just out of wilderness you think you must play PS2 games on your PC ? whatever the reason here is an easy guide to play PS2 games on PC . Just keep it low :)

What you Need

  • PCSX2 – The Playstation 2 emulator which is required to run PS2 games on PC.Get it from the PCSX2 official site or from Emulator ZoneDownload PCSX2
  • PS2 Bios – The Playstation 2 Bios which is a definite requisite to boot up the emulated PS2 on PC. Dump it yourself if you are a hardware/console geek or if you are a noob,the get it from  here .The password to the file is "vaibhavdangwal" without quotes.
  • CD/DVD emulation software – If you have original PS2 discs then its well and good,but You may want to make an ISO image of them and run it for maximum performance (Recommended). Further,you may download off your favorite game form Torrents or internet,which may be in ISO/MDF/NRG or any other cryptic Disc image format and then,this is what you need - Alcohol 120% / Daemon Tools or any CD/DVD emulation software.Trust me,you will thank good old XERO for this :P
  • External Plug-in/Add-ons - (OPTIONAL) Get the Ps1,Ps2 or external plug-ins from Aldostools or from the PCSX2 official site. They will help you to become an emulator geek or get you better performance while running emulator (sometimes) or sometimes may run a few incompatible games here and there…


Got the stuff ? Now lets get back to work.Here is how to run your game on your PC…

  1. Step 1 Play PS2 games on PC
    Extract PCX2 on Ur Hard disc,If you have downloaded the installer,install it.Extract Bios file in its Bios folder.Extract plug-ins pack (if in case you have downloaded it) in plug-ins folder.
  2. Step2
    Make image of PS2 DVD using Alcohol 120%.
  3. Step 3
    Load Image U created in virtual drive of Alcohol/Daemon/<image software of your choice>.
  4. Step 4
    Open PCX2 and go to configure.Choose the bios file,the plug-in folder,select configure CD/DVD plug-in and set the disc drive to alcohol virtual drive.
  5. Step 5
    Run the emulator from FILE –> RUN DVD . Configure Ur PS2 and play Ur favorite game.


NOTE: You can play only those games which are compatible with PCSX2 . Visit their compatibility page to view a list of compatible games . Its because Console emulation is still in its new born stage as of now..but thanks to hardworking developers,perfect emulation will be made possible someday.

Till then Keep learning



  1. You ROCK :) ...can't imagine an Easier tutorial, makes me feel Newbish to follow it though lol..But thanks :)


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