How to Mod Halo – The guide

halo modding - rdhacker.blogspot.comHalo is one of the most exciting and fast paced games ever created. Hordes of online clans have emerged bragging over their skills in the game.The maps,the weapons,the items,everything is well crafted and hazardous (:P) .But have you ever tried to mod it ? Well here is a guide then.

The Tools

  • Winrar - WinRar is a file compressor that lets You make a 14Mb map file about 4 Mb.
  • Halo's mapping tool version 3.5 (HMT) -
  • SparkEdit - This tool lets you open a Halo map file and look at it, you can move things like rocks, trees and vehicles.
  • Ppf-o-matic - A helper application for SparkEdit.
  • Ppf Studio - With this utility, you can save the changes between a modded map and the original map, making the file size very small.
  • .Net Framework – The microsoft .NEt Framework is required to run all above applications.


Initial Setup

  • Install WinRar to program files.
  • Navigate to where you downloaded HMT.
  • Right-click on the HMT icon.
  • Scroll down to Extract to HMT folder and enter it.
  • Click the icon that has a music symbol: Halo Mapping Tools.
  • Hit File on the top left.
  • Click Open.
  • Navigate to your Halo maps folder.
  • Open the map you want to mod. For this tutorial we will be using Bloodgulch.


Here are some good examples -

Change Pistol to Sniper

  • Open the map you want to mod according to the instructions above. The box on the left holds everything in the map.
  • There is also a scroll box to the right of the this window.
  • Scroll down to the bottom, you should see a line that says [Weap] Weapons (20 Items)
  • Double-click on this, and 20 lines of text should expand.
  • Find the text that says weapons/pistol/pistol .
  • Click the text once and see the screen change to list the available plugins.
  • Download some plug-ins into this utility section; extract them to your hmt plug-in folder.
  • Look for text that says something like:
    • Zoom levels 1
    • Minimum Zoom 2
    • Maximum Zoom 2
  • Change the text to look like this:
    • Zoom levels 2
    • Minimum Zoom 2
    • Maximum Zoom 8

What this does is increases the zoom level of the weapon; we just gave the pistol the zoom level of the sniper.


Projectile Swapping

  • Scroll up until you find a line of text that says, [proj] Projectile (21 items) .
  • Double click on this and scroll down until you see a line of text that says, Weapons/shotgun/pellet .
  • Click once on this text.
  • Go to the top of the screen where you should see some text and drop-down boxes, under text that says, Tag Editor.
  • Click the button that says Swap. It will open up a window at the same place.
  • Scroll down until you find text with a bunch of numbers and letters that says Vehicles/scorpion/tank shell.
  • Double-click on this text, and return back to the projectile box.
  • Hit the button that says Save and you have made your first mod.
    • You will probably want to wait until you get more experienced with modding to post a mod as these mods are easy for the more experienced so your mod will be looked down on, and probably flamed.


Make a pistol to shoot Master Chiefs

  • Open Blood Gulch with HMT.
  • Near the top you will see text that says [bipd] bidped (2 items) .
  • Double-click text.
  • Select the text that says characters/cyborg/cyborg .
  • At the top of the screen, under tag information, there will be a box that has these letters/numbers in it: B7F240.
  • Copy this text.
  • Click on [proj] Projectiles (21 items) .
  • Scroll down to weapons\pistol\bullet and click.
  • Paste the numbers and letters you copied from the Master Chief biped into the box.
  • Click the Save button and play Blood Gulch.
  • Verify your pistol shoots Master Chiefs.

This mod technique can be applied for a lot of things.



  • When you change game type it should still look the same as before the change. In other words it should say ctf. If it says custom game you did something wrong.
  • If you post a mod, make sure you have it in .ppf format or you are going to get in trouble with the moderators.
  • You should join a forum to post your mods that you make or create a forum where people can give you tips. Getting tips from other people can help you make more creative mods.


A word of Caution

  • Be careful as once the game is modded it will not work for a normal game. To fix this download or get the original map from a friend.
  • Remember to save a copy of "blam.lst"


Happy Modding :)


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