Tapptoons Animation Studio FREEWARE

Tapptoons 2d animation software enables you to combine live action video with 2d animation, create snow & rain special effects, moving backgrounds, puppet animation for clay or jointed puppet models. It features twain connection for flatbed scanner image input as well as firewire and usb camera input for still image capture from video camcorders, webcams or digital stills cameras.
Tapptoons can be used for stop frame 3d animation and can accept input from graphics tablets.
Tapptoons animation studio can also be used for single frame time lapse recordng , as line test software or to make your own complete cartoons
The Animation Studio uses traditional 2D Cel animation methods to enable you to produce complete animated movies from images. The images can be drawn directly into the program or drawings imported via TWAIN based scanners or from Webcams and Video Cameras using Firewire, USB or compatible analogue Video Capture devices. You can add camera tracks and pans, moving backgrounds, transparency fx, snow and rain fx and modify the images with reduction and rotation facilities.
Main features
  • FREEWARE !!!!!
  • Firewire or usb single frame video capture
  • Twain-based scanning for drawn animation
  • Ten animation levels which can be viewed seperately or merged together
  • 50 undo levels
  • Comprehensive editing of the Dope Sheet
  • Images can be scanned, drawn or captured from a video camera (using a compatible video capture card)
  • You can choose your line colour and comprehensive paint facilities are available
  • Images can be flipped, rotated or reduced in size
  • Snow and rain weather effects can be generated within the programme
  • Levels can be made transparent for `ghost` effects
  • Moving backgrounds can be created, continuous repeating backgrounds can be made
  • Individual animation levels can be moved North, South, East or West or a combination of two directions
  • Completed scenes can be made into AVIs completed with soundtrack using `wav` files either imported or created within the programme
  • Anti-Aliasing option when creating AVIs
  • new High Definition resolution for HDTV production 1920 x 1080 pixels format
  • a range of 1.5:1 resolution settings to suit some digital still camera formats
  • newly added 10 frames per second running speed
  • scene deletion provision
  • Transitions between scenes can be created using wipe or dissolve effects
  • Fade-in or fade-out effects can be added to scenes
  • Track-in and track-out shots can be made with an option to blur the backgrounds for 3D effects
  • Microsoft Windows 98/98SE/ME/XP (XP is recommended for larger animation resolutions)
  • DirectX 8 or later
  • Screen resolution 1024 x 768 or larger
  • 24 or 32bit True Colour 16.8M colours graphics card settings (16 colour, 256 colour or HiColour not recommended)
  • 500MHz Pentium II, AMD K6-2 or better processor
  • 256 MB RAM or more
  • A large capacity hard drive
  • TWAIN compliant flatbed scanner
  • Firewire or USB inputs for DIGITAL VIDEO CAPTURE
  • ANALOGUE VIDEO CAPTURE with MCI compliant video capture card

Download Tapptoons Animation Studio
Size – 2.97 MB


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