System32/drivers/fastfat.sys Is Corrupted Or Is Missing

System32/drivers/fastfat.sys Is Corrupted Or Is Missing
Q: My computer shut off one day and I had to restart it. When it came back up it said “System32/drivers/fastfat.sys” is corrupted or is missing so I tried to reinstall but the system shuts down midway through the install. What should I do?
A: The error you are getting, has number of causes attached with it, few noteworthy reasons of this are as follows:
* The fastfat.sys file is really jinxed or missing.
* The error may also arise due to damaged or improperly installed RAM.
* The CD from which you are reinstalling may be damaged or corrupt.
* This error may also linked to NTFS formatting.
Now the probable solutions of the above mentioned causes are described below:
1. Check out whether the RAM is installed properly or not. This can be verified by following the given steps:

* Shut down your computer.
* Gently remove the memory modules leaving enough RAM to start and turn off your system.
* Restart your computer and if you are getting the same error then remove the second memory module from CPU. Continue this process until you find out the corrupt RAM module.
* Once you obtain the damaged RAM, replace it by an efficiently functioning one. If the issue is resolved then stop the further proceedings.
* Note: RAM should be removed with minimum possible force otherwise the memory module could get damaged during removal/insertion. Don’t perform this operation if you are not well versed with required technical knowledge. It is advised to go for an efficient technician to handle this issue

2. If the problem is not resolved by applying the above procedure then please make sure that the CD from which you are reinstalling is correct. Thoroughly clean the CD and reinstall again.

3. If your system is operating with NTFS formatting then you should go for an aligned installation of Windows 2000. This parallel installation will recover the lost fastfat.sys file system.
The above discussion will assist you in solving the given problem. If the issue persists further then get your system checked by highly skilled engineers.
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