Orkut Scripts

Add Youself as Moderator in Your Community


This script will allow you to add as a MODERATOR in your community.

  • Go to Your community
  • Change the community id and uid in the script.

Run the script in your community.

javascript:a=document.forms[1];a.action="CommMembers.aspx?cmm=34431350&Action.addModerator&amp;amp;memberId=11520216688680582958";a.submit(); void(0)<br /><br />*Capture Topics </li></ul>

  • Now you are the onwer and moderator of our community



Want to capture UID's From Friend's List and Community Members then you are in the right area.This script will give you the UID's from friend's list and community menbers.

  • Run the script on your friend's list page to get friend UIDs.
  • To get Community members UID run on the community members page,you should
    run page by page so that you will get all the UID's.

javascript:var text_LoL =ocument.body.innerHTML.match(/uid=\d+/gi);var text_LoL =text_LoL.join();var text_LoL = text_LoL.match(/\d+/gi);var text_LoL_1 ="";for (index_1 = text_LoL.length-1;index_1 >= 0;index_1--){if(text_LoL_1.indexOf(text_LoL[index_1]) == -1) {text_LoL_1 = text_LoL_1+ '"' + text_LoL[index_1] + '",<br /><br />'} else {text_LoL_1 =text_LoL_1}};document.write(text_LoL_1)


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