Jarum-Game Creator

Jarum-Game Creator
Jarum-Game Creator v1.0 allows you to create games and compile them .exe files using a simple programming language. 

Features Included: 
  • - A Compiler – Compiles your games into .exe standalone programs.
  • - A Spite Masker - Adds a mask to your sprites.
  • - A Game Wizard – Allows you to create simple games with out having to code them from scratch.
  • - A Help File – The help file includes a list of commands and topics on how to use the game creator.
  • - A Debugger – Allows you to find errors in your code quick and easily. 
Game Maker Information:
Hard Drive Space Needed: 6MB
Hardware Needed: Keyboard
Price: Free!
Recommended RAM: 128MB (may work on computers with less RAM) 



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