Identify a Music/Song by Sound

Identify a Music/Song by Sound
Ever heard a song you liked and don’t know who sung it ? or who composed it ? There’s also a cool way you can identify a song and that’s by having a piece of software listen to it, identify it within a few seconds and then tell you what it is!I was delighted to stumble upon this clever little app called Tunatic. It’s a free program or kind of a search-engine to identify songs and it’s available for Windows 2k/XP and Mac OS X.Tunatic listens to audio input (through microphone) and sends it back to the Tunatic server for analysis. After the tune has been looked up, it displays the matching song title and artist’s name.Tunatic is a freeware application for Windows and Mac OS X that will listen to a song and transmit the song’s features to the Tunatic servers to search for a matching song.
To run Tunatic on your computer, you’ll need the following:
  • A PC running Windows 2000, XP or better
    or A macintosh running Mac OS X v10.2 or better
  • Internet access
  • A microphone plugged into your computer. Alternatively, you can plug your sound source directly to your computer.
Tunatic identify any type of music? It can identify music from any genre except for classical. Also, Tunatic can only identify songs that are in it’s database, which is kept-up-to-date by a community of Tunatic users using a program called Tunalyzer. If someone is not showing up, you can add it to the Tunalyzer database easily. Tunatic can even recognize streamed music and moreover you can do that without using your microphone,a boon for Internet radio station listeners :)
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