DimensionEX Multiplayer Game Developer

 DimensionEX Multiplayer Developer is a Freeware kit written in Java for quickly developing and running true multiplayer adventure games. Sample games and documentation are included, once you have it working on your PC you can easily develop a role-playing adventure game with the scenes and characters you like and, as soon as you are connected, your game works as an online multiplayer game so you can invite friends to play! Use it also to create a graphic and interactive chat environment! However, if you just want to play, we have some sample games and worlds built and running on DimensioneX servers! No downloads are required to play, you just need your browser, and all DimensioneX games are fully compatible with Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera.

Features of DimensioneX games

If you use the DimensioneX kit, your game - right from its simplest version - will feature:
  • Online Multiplayer capability: Unlimited users can play simultaneously connecting via the network.
  • Compatibility with any browser: Users don't have to download anything to play!
  • Multimedia: graphics, icons, messages are used to make the game realistic.
  • Audio support: Sound and music can be used in the games to add dynamism.
  • Save game feature. Players can save, exit and come back to continue their game.
  • Customisable avatars, graphic buttons, skins and events.
  • Support for game map (with player tracking!)
  • Supports any image format, support for panoramic and 360° images (QuickTime VR)
  • Support for Day/Night cycles.
  • Can include banners. Useful if you wish to earn from them (we don't)
  • If you want you can go straight to Games Showcase and to Multiplayer Demos Showcase

Features of DimensioneX game server

  • Runs anywhere even on cheap hardware: A normal Pentium with a 56K modem is sufficient to act as a game  development server. Runs also on Linux and the Macintosh.
  • Free hosting: We host your project if you cannot afford one.
  • True interactivity: A scripting language similar to Basic lets you bind code to game objects for high interactivity.
  • On-screen debugging. Scripting errors are directly shown in your browser.
  • Multi-area worlds (clustering). Make you game project grow by adding independent modules and share and reuse code by means of the Include directive.
  • Free documentation and support. Step-by-step Installation guide, a growing knowledge base and WIKI, Developer's Reference and forum based support service. Powerpoint slides also available for game programming course teachers!
  • Develop games in any national language. Built-in support for: English, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian and Ukrainian, Traditional Chinese, Polish, Dutch. Any language in the world can be supported with minimal effort.
  • Word filter for preventing the use of bad words in chat
  • Optionally working with any mySQL relational database for data storage.
  • Java Sources available: DimensioneX is Open Source - distributed under the GNU General Public License.
  • It's completely free: Fantastic, isn't it?



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