PS3 Firmware Update Causing Problems : Firmware Pulled

PS3 Firmware Update Causing Problems : Firmware Pulled

Sony has pulled the latest PlayStation 3 firmware update after complaints that its causing problems with the game console and hanging PS3s. There is no idea of how much is this widespread. Sony claims problems with its PS3 firmware (2.4) have only affected a few machines.

Many Users have complained that after the update the console freezes occasionally.Some are complaining that latest games like MGS4 are producing errors and giving black screens.

No Official fix have been announced by Sony recently,however it aims to post it in near future.

As PC World Commented

"The irony is that the latest update for Sony's next-gen console was not considered innovative or new at all, rather it was simply a way for the PS3 to catch up with functionality already available on Microsoft's Xbox 360.
The newest PS3 features delivered by the firmware update included: an update to the XrossMediaBar to allow users to access menu items without having to log out of gameplay, in-game text message support, and a new Google Search button. A new awards system for gamers was also included."


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