- the name we have to get acquainted so we can adapt to a more flexible communication technology.
Hamachi is a virtual lan program or a Virtual private Network application that lets you play LAN games,chat and interact with people over the internet.It usually works for most people without hassle however there are always a few people who seem to have difficulties due to configuration problems (10%) and hamachi server overloading (80%) and sometimes...crashes (10%. I
think you will be quite used to them as you are a windows user smile.gif Get SP3 if you wanna resolve some of network problems..for rest of Pack,continue reading...) follow This basic guide to setup Hamachi without any problems....

(Ahem...Hamachi consists of its own guide of teaching you how to mess with it..do give it a try)



Program Name- HAMACHI
Developed by- LogMeIn Inc.
OS- Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
Genre- P2P, VPN
License- Freeware
Website- www.logmeinhamachi.com



Hamachi is a centrally-managed VPN system, consisting of the server cluster managed by the vendor of the system and the client software, which is installed on end-user computers.Client software adds a virtual network interface to a computer,and connects to server using a unique key that is common to shared users who know the password and network name. Networks are

Since Hamachi relies on a central Hamachi server (hosted by Guys at logmein and Hamachi), some times due to server overloading you maynot be able to login properly or you may expect delays at relay times.Believe me it happens very very less and you can assure yourself a safe and nice Hamachi experience.smile.gif


[Step 1]. Download Hamachi.

[Step 2]. Install Hamachi.

[Step 3]. Reboot The Computer.

[Step 4].After rebooting the machine start up Hamachi from the newly created shortcut. It will give you instructions to set up your account. Basically, you pick a nickname and it phones home to the Hamachi server to obtain your unique 5.X.X.X IP address.

[Step 5]. After you install Hamachi, A Live Program Demo will be run which will teach you all program basics .Make sure you dont miss this one. Its crucial for newbie to get acquainted to its interface and its best taught by its demo.

[Step 6].Once you have run the Demo,you will need to click the button to "Join existing network" on all the other PCs. Enter your network name and password and click "Join". Once it detects the the other computers it will place a green dot next to their entry in the list. You should then be able to access network shares and remote desktop or VNC into the computers. Use the assigned 5.X.X.X IP address to access each computer.



Hamachi can be run as a Windows service.

You need two utilities - instsrv.exe and srvany.exe.
Both can be found in the Windows Server Resource Kits.
Download kits here
But it is huge in size and won't install on win Nt Windows machines.So U can get them at :


Once you have these snippets and required utiities,copy them into your Hamachi directory.
(I'm assume that you used the default directory )

Go to Start - Run - and type cmd to open the Command Prompt

Type these commands in order and hit enter after each:
cd C:\Program Files\Hamachi\
instsrv AutoHamachi "c:\program files\hamachi\srvany.exe"

This will add Hamachi as an available service in Windows.

Edit the Registry:

Then you need to edit the registry to run the service properly. Add one of the following entries according to your Windows


For Windows 2000:
(Win2000HamachiServiceConfig.reg - right-click, save, and run)
Application = c:\\program files\\hamachi\\hamachi.exe
AppDirectory = c:\\program files\\hamachi\\
AppParameters = -srvany

For Windows XP / 2003:
(WinXPHamachiServiceConfig.reg - right-click, save, and run)
Application = c:\\program files\\hamachi\\hamachi.exe -srvany -config "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application


Note: Don't forget the quotes around the file path and replace "Administrator" with your username.

Configure the service:

Go to Start - Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Services

Right Click AutoHamachi - click Properties

Select "Log On" tab - check "Local System Account" and then under it check "Allow service to interact with the desktop".

Go back to the "General" tab and for Startup Type select "Automatic".

Reboot the machine and Hamachi shall automatically start and connect. You should then be able to start up Hamachi on the the other computers and verify their connectivity and join your network.



These Steps are atleast required to play games using Hamachi :

[Step 1]. After installing Hamachi, run it once and insure you've configured your firewall prope and have set port forwarding

on your router(s) (if you have one).

[Step 2]. Re-prioritize your network adapter order:

> For XP/2000: Start > Control Panel > Network Connections, then, on the menu bar, click Advanced > Advanced Settings and put Hamachi at the top of the list.

> For Vista: Start > Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center, then, on the left side panel, click on 'Manage Network

Connections'. Now press Alt, click on Advanced > Advanced Settings and put Hamachi at the top of the list.

[Step 3]. Configure the gateway and metrics:

In Network Connections right click on Hamachi > Properties, select TCP/IP(v4) > Properties > Advanced. Ensure that the default gateway is, if not, then add/edit it and set its metric to Automatic (this is the Gateway Metric).
Below 'Default gateways' tick 'Automatic metric' (this is the Interface Metric).
Quick notice: Some users have reported that their internet connection fails when Hamachi is turned on. Removing the Hamachi gateway ( should resolve the problem. It is not known why this is happening, but it might be the ISP's fault (that means ur ISP Sucks !!) .

[Step 4]. If you're running Vista disable TCP/IPv6 (untick it in the Hamachi properties)

[Step 5]. If you're running Vista ensure that Hamachi appears in the 'Network and Sharing Center' as a 'Private Network' .
If it doesn't, then press customize (at Hamachi, of course) and set it to 'Private Network'.

[Step 6]. Reboot.

[Step 7]. Create/Join a Hamachi network and check to see if you can ping/chat wih one another. If either one of these don't work ensure you haven't forgotten anything and check again.
8. The game host must be running Vista when playing with XP users!


Hamachi:Counter Strike

Counter Strike has got some issues on playing with hamachi .This is because Counter Strike requires a Class C network address, which is determined by having the first 3 octets of the IP address be the same number.

In Hamachi, IP's use Class A addressing, which means that only the first octet is the same in each IP. To solve this, you can implement aliases for your Hamachi peers.

Game Host
> Run
> In console type : sv_lan 0 (internet mode), or sv_lan 1 (lan mode)

Game Members
> Run game
> Start console
> In console type server IP : connect *.*.*.*

This Will resolve most Basic Issues.


Hamachi Guide

Useful Links - http://logmeinwiki.com/wiki/Hamachi:Gaming_over_Hamachi

Thanks To Leonardo and Elite for giving me incepts of hamachi.
Excerpts and references Taken from Hamachi Wiki.


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