Hacking Xbox Live Accounts

Equipment Needed:
Action Replay

Programs Needed:
Zone Alarm Pro
Kernal IP Logger

1. Get the IP, of the account you are going to steal, from Commview.
2. Open Kernal IP Logger, add the IP to the top bar and click Log IP at the bottom.
3. Resave the log as XBL Logs.doc and transfer it to the Action Replay.
(Note: Make sure that you still have the Linux files on there from modding your xbox and overwrite the Linux files with the document and transfer it to your xbox.) 4. FTP To Your Xbox and open the Linux.
5. Go to .doc file.
6. Go to recover IP.
7. Go to the Xbox Live Gamertags and extract it to your computer.
8. Make a file called HDD hack account profile and ftp that back to the xbox.


  1. Was wondering how it "hacks" an account?

  2. can you hack someone for me his gamertag is eX ll SoNic ll thanks

  3. can u give a download link to the programs


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