Counter Strike Source Wallhack Tutorial suck at CS..So if winning is important for you,and the unfair demon urges you to do it, here is a CS wall hack tutorial for you -
Tools needed
Cheat Engine (Google one, or use tsearch)
Counter Strike Source..


1) Start up cheat engine, then start up counter strike source.

2) Go back to cheat engine, and click on the top left button that lets u select a program to hack from the list of programs.

3) Select the program hl2.exe and click ok.

4) Now go back to counter strike source, and at the MAIN menu, open the developer console.

5) Once opened, type sv_cheats 1

6) Go back to cheat engine and scan for 1

7) Go back to Counter strike source, and at the main menu again, open the developer console and type sv_cheats 35

8 ) Next, go back to cheat engine and do a "Next Scan" for the number 35

9) there should be 1 address, double click on it, then freeze it.

10) Next Join a server.

11) Once at the server, go into the developers console AT THE SERVER, NOT THE MAIN MENU.

12)type r_drawothermodels 2

13) Now to make yourself look "less laggy" type in the developer console at the SERVER cl_cmdrate 100 and also type in cl_updaterate 100.

Great Job!, now you will be able to wallhack on any server

Guide by Casi

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  1. is this vac proof (or vac2 idk what the differnce is tho) it looks realy easy...


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