Complete guide on phishing - Phishing Pack (bulletproof How To Phish Guide) By Lp

The Pack Includes:
  1. -AnonymousMailer
  2. -Phisher Maker! Read the ReadMe.txt
  3. -Jiffy Gmail Account Creator - Create GMAIL acc for setting up hosting acc etc.
  4. -Tarantula a Powerful software to extract e-mail addresses matching your keyword query
  5. -RapidExtract is a tool that checks EMAIL:PASSWORD lists, for rapidshare accounts, if the email has a rapidshare account it then sends the login to the email. Then you can login to the email (most people use same pass for everything) and obtain the rapidshare account.
  6. -IP Hider Pack - Read the ReadMe.txt
  7. -Steam Phiser
  8. -Rapidshare Phiser
  9. -Friendster Phiser
  10. -Gmail Phisher
  11. -Habbo Phisher
  12. -Facebook Phisher
  13. -Photobucket Phisher
  14. -XboxLive Phisher
  15. -AIM Phisher
  16. -GaiaOnline Phisher
  17. -IMVU Phisher
  18. -AstaTalk Phisher
  19. -Warez-bb Phisher
  20. -Hotmail Phisher
  21. -Paypal Phisher
  22. -Runescape Phisher
  23. -youtube Phisher
and many many more.

What will you learn : Setting up ur phisher and hiding your links.

Password :


  1. How do I get a runescape phisher cuz this page seems awsomee an i really want to know how to phish but idk how to get the page 


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