Basic JavaScript hacking

Basic JavaScript hacking

You must first obtain the "source code": Set the security of Internet Explorer to high, click on the link to level 1 at the very top of the menu bar, Internet Explorer, the File, Edit, View, etc. Press the "View", "Source".This will take it up a Notepad window. Look for:

passwort=prompt("Please enter password!","") passwort = prompt ( "Please enter password !","")

This ensures a prompt box you can write in, that you enter as a password is stored in the variable "passwort".

if (passwort=="easy") if (passwort == "easy")

This checks on "passwort" (what you type) is "easy", the password for level 1 is when the "easy".

Set back security to medium and click on the link to the Level 1and type "easy".

Use the same procedure to obtain the "source code".

Once you have retrieved the Notepad window, there will be a lot of code. Just scroll further down, find this:

var m1, i; was m1, i;
m1="JavaScript"; m1 = "JavaScript";
value=prompt("Please enter password!",""); value = prompt ( "Please enter password !","");
if (value==m1) { if (value == m1) (
window.location=value+".htm"; window.location = value + ". htm";
i=4; i = 4;

What you type being stored in the variable "value",

if (value==m1) if (value == m1)

"m1" is a variable that contains a value. See further up:

m1="JavaScript " m1 = "JavaScript"
The password is "JavaScript".


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