Sending Mail with Telnet

Sending Mail with Telnet - send anonymous mail part 1

Open the cmd prompt.

Type telnet 25 (If you live in Canada, put 23) (where "" is the name of the smtp (outgoing)

server of your email provider, such as This can be found by checking your account info in the program you normally use for email.



Type RCPT TO,,, etc.
To write the message, type DATA, followed by your message.

To end the message, put a period on a line by itself and press Enter.

Important Tips

Just a note: you may have to enter a ":" after the "mail from:" and the "rcpt to:"

This can also be used to send email as other people.

Some servers also accept 'ELHO' in place of 'HELO'

Warnings for users

Hotmail and some other mail services do not allow telnet access to their mail servers.

This can be tracked by anyone with enough technical skill, access to your ISP's records, and a bit of determination, so don't do anything you wouldn't want to possibly be associated with you.

How to Check Email With Telnet

Telnet can be used as another way to check email. The first two steps are for Windows only; Mac and Linux users should use their own methods for launching a terminal/console window.

Follow these Steps

Select Start in the bottom left corner of the screen, then select Run.

Once the Run window starts, type in cmd.

At the command prompt, type in telnet 110 (where "emailprovider" is the name of the service you use for email).

Type USER yourusername (you may see what you type or not, and "yourusername" should be changed to whatever comes before the @ in your email address).

Then type in PASS yourpassword (if you can see what you type, you will see your password).

Type list.

You will see a list of items with labels like "1 1024" and "2 123556."

If you want to look at the message labeled 2 123556, type retr 2. You can replace the 2 with any other number to view other messages.

If you want to delete message 1 1024, type dele 1.

When you are done checking your email, type quit.


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