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Hide Ur IP

SocksCap is an application wrapper developed by NEC. SocksCap enables the Internet applications to run through a socks server so that the server end of the application can't know your real IP address. SocksCap does not require modifications to the Winsock applications or the Winsock stacks. On a SOCKS enabled firewall SocksCap offers a client-only solution. Socks is now owned by Permeo.

SocksCap allows Windows users to enable their Winsock applications to traverse a SOCKS server. SocksCap does not require modifications to the Winsock applications or the Winsock stacks. However, due to the multitude of available Winsock stacks, SocksCap may not work in every situation.

Other Program that Support SOCKS
Each program that support SOCKS proxy should have a section in their configuration for Proxy Setup. In this section the following information will be asked for:

1. SOCKS Server:
Fill in the socks server address such as "sock5.my-proxy.com" or

2. Port:
Usually 1080. (port 1080 is the default port for socks server)

3. User Name:
Fill in it if the server need.

4. Password:
Fill in it if the server need.

Sockscap Makes Using Socks Easy

If the Internet program that you are using does not have a proxy setup option, or if you want to make configuring easier, then you can use a freeware application such as SocksCap.

Once sockscap is configured for our proxy server, you do not need to configure any of your Internet programs. Simply click and drag your Internet programs into the sockscap program control window, start the program, and you are runing on the proxy! It is this easy.

Downloading Sockscap Of Oficial Website:

Send SocksCap comments and bug reports to:


Permeo Application Security Platform:


Socks WWW site:


After Downloading SocksCap you can configure your settings as shown in the following screen captures.

Sockscap Fast / EASY Setup

Select 'File' from the Top left of the SocksCap interface, then select 'Setup' from the drop down menu. Enter the socks server address and port you have.

Under the 'Protocol' section, you should enter your user name when using a SOCK4 server. If you use a Sock5 server, commonly you can select "Resolve all names removely" under the 'Name Resolution' section. Ask help from the Sock5 server master if you have a problem here.

Under "Supported authentication" check the box for "Username/ Password" if you have. A Sock5 proxy server usuall need one.

From the main SocksCap control window, add your applications the same way you would create a Windows shortcut as in the following screen captures. You can drag and drop your favourite applications from your desktop or program directory into the SocksCap control window for easy "socksification".

Click and drag your program icon into the blank control window and you will see...

Click on New application profile and you will see..

Simply click on the Ok button and your program will be added to the sockscap control window. Repeat this step for each of your Internet programs that you would like to use on the LockDown Proxy. When you are finished your sockscap control window will look something like the example below.

Now you are ready to use sockscap to launch your programs.

1. Close or Exit Sockscap.
2. Close or Exit your Internet Programs.
3. Make sure that you are connected to the Internet.
4. Launch sockscap and enter the user name and password for the sock5 proxy server you set.
5. Launch your Internet programs from the sockscap control window.

When you setup your new applications to run "socksified" you no longer need to use the proxy settings in the application itself, simply start them through the SocksCap interface and they will be working under our proxy service and hide your real connection.

Testing Your Connection

You can test your browser by loading the


web page from IE in the SockCap control. If you are connecting through the proxy, you will see what your real IP address is hided.

*NOTE* You can drag and drop your newly created "socksified" clients from the main SocksCap control window, to your desktop so you don't have to re-open the SocksCap control window to start your sessions.

Now you are ready. Any time you like you can start your SocksCap program and launch your Internet programs "socksified" under The Proxy Connection Proxy Servers.

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  1. What is the Internet host??
    I was using a script on my friends computer but it gave me an error then he told me that his Internet host may not allow these type of scripts.
    Is there any way to make the host to block or allow to block these scripts.


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