So….some people think i stole these from another site errrr wrong!!! if you are a member of JCXP or AeroXP you will know that someone called shooter posted these HA!! pissed on your bomb fire and he stated that i could upload and post them on my blog sooo…STFU idiots. Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 are offically online everyone come get them
The Files are Seperated in to 3 Parts, each part isnt not linked so you can download part 1 and you wont need the others to extract the first part.
Part 1 Contains:
> Minesweeper fix
> Minesweeper
> Freecell
> Hearts
> Inkball
> Vista.Emulation.dll
Part 2 Contains:
> Shanghi
> Solitaire
> Spider Solitaire
Part 2 Contains:
> Purble Place
Just click on the games to play, they will automatically create “Microsoft Games” in your PROGRAM FILES, and will add a shortcut to your start menu under Vista_Games so when you want to play them again you don’t have to keep running them where you saved them. Make sure you have Vista.Emulation.DLL in the c:\windows\system32 folder other wise these will not work
To make Minesweeper work:
Extract minesweeper.bat in the directory containing minesweeper.exe
create a shortcut to desktop or something like that
right click on the shortcut
choose properties
Run: select minimize
and enjoy
just run the .bat file to play the game.

Taken from Phutse's Blog


  1. Well, i just want to add other alternative links here/as more options or at least just for the info here:

    Download latest fixed version of Vista Games beta and RTM ported to Windows Xp and Server 2003 completely (4shared directory link): Original Vista Freecell, Mahjong/Shanghai, Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, Hearts, Purble Place, Mineweesper, Inkball + original Vista Ultimate Texas Hold’em for Xp + Latest Brutal Chess (Best alternative for Chess Titan on Xp)+ original Vista Inkball SP1 for Xp (required Alky) + Tablet PC 2005 Inkball for Xp (nearly similar with Vista version, not required Alky) Window Journal Viewer (as prerequisite for Inkball can be downloaded without WGA/Windows Genuine Advantage validation here)-> Usually not required if you already have Office Suite/Onenote 2003/2007 though + Latest Alky for Vista Applications and Games on Xp/2003 (i have removed ugly “Oct 4 2005″ from the title bar of some of these Vista games too!, “fixed” binary info from Oberon to MS etc) some GUI etc:

    To know that how to install/run original Vista Games RTM (Inkball and Hold’em), as well as Vista Snipping Tool, Sticky Notes which required Alky/VAIO with Vista Serial on Windows Xp etc:

    Windows 7 games for Xp: So far the games in latest Windows 7 Beta is similar with Vista’s (except the internet versions/MSN e.g Internet Backgammon, Checkers, Spades), not sure about the final version/RTM or higher. Don’t worry you can also play them on Xp desktop online/offline by going to MSN online games: -> Requires min Xp SP2/3 and IE 6 SP1/IE 7/IE 8:

    - Internet BackGammon:

    - Internet Checkers:

    - Internet Spades:

    Download the free offline versions (Bicycle Games demos - Microsoft Games Studios) of them:

    - Download Offline Backgammon & Checkers:

    - Download Offline Spades:

    That’s all by far. Hope they can be useful especially for Xp and 2003 users here or at least just FYI hehe. - Regards and Long Live Xp! Cya…

  2. X.E.R.O, where is ur blog to find these games for my wife???

  3. X.E.R.O , what is ur blog so I can dl Vista games 4 my wife? Pls!!

  4. Additionally here is working Chess Titans for XP :

    (Chess requires .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 or higher installed which you can download it for free from Microsoft: )

    And Mahjong Titans for XP :

    oh you can also play them on Vista and Windows 7 (especially basic edition) as well. Finally Please enjoy and share!


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