Hacking FAQ

How do I hack? -
There is no easy way how to hack. Google is your best friend.. REMEMBER THAT! Read any information you can find on hacking. Read hacking forums and check out hacking websites. Learn a programming language like C++. Get a book like Hacking for Dummies which will teach you alot.

What do I need to be able to hack? -
Firstly you need to understand how your computers operating system works, networks and protocols works, security settings and general PC knowledge. After you understand how it works you need hacking tools which helps you to hack.

What is command prompt (cmd- the little dos Windows)? -
Go START, RUN and type in: "cmd"

What can I do in cmd? -
You can can do various things with it like run exploits or do a ping request.

Why does some of the hacking tools I download just close itself when I open them? -
Lot's of hacking tools are DOS based and has to be run through CMD. If you double click on the program it will open a DOS box and automaticly close the box. From CMD you can navigate to the directory which your hacking tool is stored in and run it from there. Other hacking tools are GUI ( graphical user interface ) based and it will open like a normal Windows based program.

What is a IP address? -
Every computer connected to the Internet or some network has a IP address. Goto START, RUN and type in "cmd" then type in "ipconfig" it will show you your IP adress or adresses. It will look something like this : IP = internet protocol.

What can I do with a IP? -
Well you need someone's IP before you can hack, portscan or DOS them.

What is IP ping ? -
It's a command you can use to check if someone's IP address is online, to check it they connected to the Internet or a network. In command prompt type in "ping" - this will show you something like this :
Pinging with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms ttl="128" bytes="32" ttl="128" bytes="32" ttl="128" bytes="32" ttl="128" sent =" 4," received =" 4," lost =" 0" minimum =" 0ms," maximum =" 0ms," average =" 0ms" bytes="32"


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