Play Playstation 1 games on PC, An Exhaustive Guide to play PS1 Game on PC

Playstation 1 was a legendary console,hits like Resident Evil,final fantasy and Tekken 3 catapulted it as the console king of its time. Till todays gamers play old school Playstation 1 games to relieve their memories. Even i have still today play Street Fighter alpha 3 and Tekken 3 to satisfy my fighting ego.You wanna play it too ?

So,Here is how to play Playstation 1 games on your PC. It is the Most sophisticated and best method to play PS1 games.

Softwares needed

Hardware Needed

  • Obviously your PC.
  • Playstation CD roms.


  • Download everything above.
  • Install Alcohol 120%/Daemon tools or any virtual drive tool and create a virtual drive.
  • Make an Virtal Image of Playstation Game Disc on your harddisk.
  • Mount that image on virtual drive.
  • Unzip EPSXE on your Harddisk.
  • Place Bios Files scph1000.bin,scph1001.bin,scph7502.bin in the BIOS folder of EPSXE.
  • Unzip PLUGINS in the PLUGINS folder of EPSXE.
  • Now Double Click EPSXE.exe file to launch a wizard guide.
  • In First Dialog, Click on Config
  • In BIOS SELECT dialog,select USA BIOS.
  • IN Configure Video Dialog, select PETE's DX6 D3D drivers and Click on Config to configure it.

If your PC has 256 or more RAM then -

set Desktop Resolution - 800X600

color depth - 32BIT

Use FPS limit - 60.2 FPS

check Alphamultipass and Mask bit

Configure Compatibility Options according to your video card.

When done,press OK

  • Click Next to open Sound Settings Dialog.
  • Select PETE MIDAS Audio Driver and Click on Config.

If your PC has 256 or more RAM then

Check Enable XA Playing

Set Mixrate to 44100

In Misc section ,check Pitch Change

When done,press OK

  • Click Next to Open CDROM config Dialog
  • Select Pete's CDROM ASPI/IOCTL Driverand click on config.

If your PC has 256 or more RAM then -

Select W2K/XP IOCTL SCSI interface.

In Drive selection,select the Virtual Drive on which your PS1 game image is mounted.

Press Auto detect to detect read Mode.

Select sub channel Reading to second option ie Read Subchannels.

When Done ,press OK.

  • Click Next to configure controllers.
  • Configure them and press OK
  • Press Next and click on Done.
  • Now Launch the game By going to


The Game will start and you can play it.


  1. Its highly Configurable.
  2. fast and very less errors.
  3. Supports harddisk images.
  4. EXCELLENT graphics.
  5. hassle free Game play .



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