Place Files Inside EXE and Execute them using Gamemaker

I m fond of creating games in Gamemaker and Mugen. However I found an interesting way to create executable files that may contain anything inside them (may be a whole cracked Program) and may act as extractors or copy protectors

Tools required
GameMaker 7 or above


1) Download and Install Gamemaker and start a Game Project by going to File -> New.

2) Every game consists of a Room in which all objects shall act and interact with each other.So Create a new room by either clicking on the icon on Standard toolbar or by going to Resources Menu -> Create Room.Name it anything you want.In my case ROOM0

3)Every Game consists of Objects which are responsible for all interactions. So create a new object by either clicking on the icon on Standard toolbar or by going to Resources Menu -> Create Object.Name it anything you want.In my case VIRUS

4)Now create a new script (Press CTRL+ALT+C or Resources Menu -> Create Script),Name it SCRIPT0 and type there

execute_program("Here you can give path where the program or file shall be extracted if it is to be executed",0,0)

5) Open properties of Virus object and add an Event. An Event is the Triggering data or action that leads to some action or a series of actions. Add a CREATE event to object VIRUS.

6) Select Control from Tabs on right hand side and select Execute Script Action. It Applies to Object itself ie VIRUS and select SCRIPT0.You can give further arguments if you wish. Press OK

7)Add any other actions if You in my case I selected End Game Action from Main2 tab.

8)Now from Side Panel select Global game Settings and select Include Tab. Add any files to be included in EXE and select options which suit you regarding Exporting of Files .

9)Create Executable and Distribute it to your friends..

The GameMaker Supports GML or Game Maker language, a fairly good language which supports Direct X and some advanced Coding Functions. However File Handling and Other Functions are limited...its still a good thing to try for newbie programmers and those who want to get a feel of coding.

SOme of Cracks and keygens I have recently seen are too made in this program,because the EXE can forge many things underneath it.



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