Things I like

A list of People & Organizations who inspire me, corporations I would like to work for, programs I love, or simply the list of things I like. 

Mostly, heroes, sweethearts and missions.

Its an assorted one, arranged in no particular order & will be updated randomly whenever I get time.

My Dad

  1. Cory Doctorow
  2. Aaron Swartz
  3. Thomas Dullien / halvar flake
  4. Kyle Cooper / Imaginary Forces
  5. Phrack
  6. Pugachev's Cobra
  7. Linus Torvalds
  8. Richard Stallman
  9. Richard Feynmann
  10. Don Knuth
  11. Alan Cox
  12. Snow Crash / Neal Stephenson
  13. The Single most important book which should have been made a part of curricula of engineering students long time ago..
  14. AT&T - Despite all the hate it gets, I am really inspired by how it has been the home for one of the most talented people who changed the world forever. Plus I really liked how it  embraced Juniper in its backbone plus all the innovations, cutting edge technology it has.
  15. Jim Morrison / The Doors
  16. KPMG - Finally made it here : ]   KetanKanishk, Kedar, Sony Anthony and Urmi.
  17. The Odessa File / Frederick Forsyth - I read this book from my cousin's collection, and I was instantly hooked. Highly detailed factual military data coupled with neat fiction, It was a classic that still holds dear to me.
  18. Fyodor
  19. Enrico Perla - B.Sc. Computer Science University of Torino, M.Sc. Computer Science Trinity College Dublin
  20. Creedance Clear Water Revival
  21. France Telecom / Orange - Having one of the oldest networks in the world, still going strong.
  22. El Semi - One word - Nebula & CPS3emu. Okay thats 2 but they are worth it.
  23. Harry Markopolos
  24. Waterparks with low chlorine
  25. Hideo Kojima / Metal Gear Solid - The game that changed it all
  26. fx / Phenoelit / Recurity Labs
  27. Bruce Schneier
  28. djb
  29. One certain girl at my college.
  30. Akira Toriyama
  31. LKML - Believe me guys,this is the new usenet for the technically inclined.
  32. Steve Yegge
  33. ROP
  34. sgrakkyu
  35. Ghost in the shell
  36. 4chan
  37. Dragon Ball Z
  38. Che
  39. Zed Shaw - Famous dev became immortal in Rails is a Ghetto, his learn X the hard way series is awesome. The Industry needs more catalysts like Yegge & Shaw.
  40. conemu maximus
  41. Rurouni Kenshin
  42. Offensive Security - Might be an OSCP some day.. (fingers crossed) Cleared OSCP : ]
  43. The Sage of Omaha
  44. Michael Abrash
  45. John Yudkin
  46. Resident Evil 4 - Gamecube edition - The true classic
  47. Jerry Harvey / JhAudio
  48. Hacker News
  49. Anna Hazare
  50. Nir Zuk
  51. Naruto
  52. Moxie Marlinspike
  53. Satoshi Nakamoto
  54. Pieter Hintjens - Hero
  55. Peter Norman - Personal Hero, Black Power Salute
  56. Debian
  57. Antifork
  58. CTFs
  59. Chrono Trigger - The greatest RPG ever made
  60. God of War Series (Except Ascension, it sucked) - Hack n Slash redefined in this re-imagining of violent greek panorama
  61. JPAX - my freelance security venture with a lot of potential :]



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