Diwali Celebrations and Answers to common questions (which people have been asking me)

First of all..Happy Diwali to everyone :) The festival of light , may it brings the best out of you .
Happy Diwali Everyone :)

In the mean time, there have been a lot of commotion going behind the scenes .. lots of emails asking whether I have gone into some kind of digital hibernation .. So, I will be answering the most common questions here ..

Question : What are you doing these days ?
Answer   : Networks..Networks..Networks..and lots of exotic research on some exotic devices..plus some thing related to android,android service codes,gns,cisco,juniper and random stuff about explosives.

Question : Explosives ?
Answer   : No typo :) i am into it actually for quite a long time. Home made stuff rocks if you ask me. (and if you are careful)

Question : Okay..so, why no updates ?
Answer   : Call it , lack of time (dedicated internet included) .. I am sooo busy in company work that I am not able to post some wonderful findings I have dug up.

Question : Why dont you reply to mails ?
Answer   : I reply to each and every mail I get, no matter how "flabbergasting" it may seem to me and only if it gets past my "SPAM" filters.

Question : When you will be back in fulltime writing 
Answer   : Cant say, I write when I am free..and I will stick to it till I get on a vacation.

Stay Amazing..
   Rishabh Dangwal