Dear System, Fuck You ! | Angry Hacker Rant version 1.1

Dear System, Fuck You !  |  Angry Hacker Rant version 1.1
Sometimes I regret that why I didn't studied in class 12. But then, I never wanted to waste my time studying good for nothing subjects which played no role in the career I chose to opt. I chose to be different and I took the beating. Period. Even today, the good for nothing competition gets selected and is well placed cuz it studied in a better college and had a better 12 percentage, damn system. How much role skill plays comes into light when you jump at the real market. And they say we don't have our own Taran King, rms, Knight Lightning, Flake, Krahmer and Jon Lech. Let me start with the dishonor I brought to my dad as I was not "bright enough" to score good in the subjects everybody excelled. Not that I wasn't bright enough, I was not fucking interested, period. Let me talk about having Singla, Prabhat and my comp teacher as being my only friends at that moment when my family itself turned my back on me cuz I never scored accordingly.. well..why don't I talk about the subjects I was pretty good at? Programming? English? Anything that was practical? Nopes.. I am talking about the whole fucking society treating me as an asshole as I was not good in competitive subjects. I cursed the God why the hell i was born in a country where the student cant choose the career himself and has to rely on unimportant factors that will crush any genuine moral left in him ? I literally swooned at the tech the US/German/Spanish hackers were playing with, the real masters of the security game, and I cried I might never be as good as them as they had the advantage of choosing their own destiny not to rely on fucking AIEEE for your interests and money making rat race. I didn't wanted to study PCM, okay, Physics is okay, but CM is not a choice for me. Prabhat liked it, now he is a genuine scientist and I appreciate that, but I like hardcore security and I don't see anything where a fucking Ethyl 2-methylbenzoate or integral calculus played any role in that unless i went postal into crypto algorithms (which at a later phase of my life , I did)  and biotech .

Alas...I never knew what went wrong.

What was my crime fuckers? Being able to digitally pwn Ur ass in circa 07?

That were the days i got a sudden revelation of some sort..screw the system.. I went into isolation. I vowed that I might be the underdog of the fucking Indian education system, but I am glad whatever I am doing, I am good at it and happy to do it with satisfaction. I wont let anything I faced to my next generation. They would have the right to be the best since their inception at their own choice and they will be the best in the field of their choice, be it soccer, rocket science, i don't care, but they will be happy. And God help you if they choose to be the hackers, you know it better.


How to make Opera consume less memory | Opera memory hog gone

I love Opera..Its fast , its efficient, and web experts will agree with me that its the fastesthow to make Opera consume less memory | Opera memory hog gone browser to surf the internet.  Screw Internet explorer, i hate that , safari is too buggy and Firefox , though is good, but has its fair share of memory leaks problems which tend to increase with each new version. Yep..I tried Firefox 4, but as it turns out, it was too heavy for my taste and a lot of installed extensions were not supported, period. The response time increased as I opened a lot of tabs in it and hence, I finally decided to turn on to Opera 11.

I installed it in a jiffy and there we go. Smoother browsing experience and increased productivity :D but then I opened task manager and checked out the memory usage.

Image Name     User Name          CPU        Memory Usage

opera.exe      Administrator       10        430,024 K

Et tu Opera ?


but fear not..I manage to keep it in limits. Opera is a memory hog but turns out the memory problems are caused due to “Automatic RAM cache” management of Opera. So, here is how you can make opera consume less memory.

  • Open Opera
  • Press Alt + P
  • Go to History and choose memory cache 4 MB and Disk size to anything. Check on “Empty on Exit” and press OK.

 Check on “Empty on Exit” and press OK.

  • Once done, type


in url bar and press enter.

  • After that scroll down to user preferences and expand it.
  • Find “Automatic RAM Cache” and disable it.

Find “Automatic RAM Cache” and disable it.

  • Once done, restart Opera.

Enjoy, Your opera will take much less RAM :)



Angry Hacker rant version 1.0

Angry Hacker rant version 1.0

Yep..I do get angry. More angry than anything often now and then.

5 rules I abide -

  • I don't respect anyone at all who cant code and say they are hackers. They taint the word.


  • I respect anyone who has the guts to confess he is a skid but is willing to learn and code and contribute to the scene. Everybody was a skid once.


  • I am against anything related to defacements and exploitation if done using stolen/borrowed/any one else's code/shell/exploit/kernel patch. If its not your own, the defacement proves you are a skid and impotent.


  • Complimenting the 3rd point, if you don't know what an exploit does at core/you cant read its code and cant comprehend it to the lowest level, and you are still using it to your whims and fancy, again, you disgust me.


  • I hate anyone who ceases to pass any knowledge, the fool tries to hide his knowledge cuz he is afraid that it will create competition, the honest will reflect it to the fullest as he knows, the more he knows, the more he spreads, the greater the opportunities to create more creative code and thinking process.

Consider it my anger that NO knowledge sharing is done in any of the prominent Indian hacking forums out there, be it andhrahackers , indishell, hackers5, or anywhere. Same old stuff…leached from every possible where… The rest are not willing to share what they know due to their egos the size of Texas. At best you can go to garage4hackers , security xploded and can get your daily fix, or log into efnet/freenode and bitchx your daily fix of code and security.

When guys like (content suppressed) can start their own community and start commercializing the security scene for their own fucking profits, you know its time to back out. The real community n|u (null) stands out and is the only place where you can interact with some true hacker souls

The rest are fakes and I am glad I am not in touch with them. the real scene and some really good guys died 3 years ago.

Google Android – what future holds

Google Android – what future holds
I was doing a presentation for my friend when I had deep thoughts about Google Android. I made a quick presentation to express my thoughts..These are my own independent thoughts and may or mayn't relate completely to the present market scenario. Forgive me for my inept mistake (if you find some) and praise me if you are amazed, in both cases i dont give a damn. Anyways.. you can have a look :)

In the mean time..
You can read my other Google android posts on Prohack which i covered as i got my own wildfire to mess with -

HTC wildfire review | 5 must have Wildfire applications | Complete guide to HTC wildfire

A week before I bought HTC wildfire which is an entry level android smartphone. It sports quite a punch when compared to its competition and has a lot of features to keep you busy. I am doing an honest review so that you can make a choice when it comes to the end.

HTC wildfire is dubbed as the love child of Nexus one and HTC desire or Mini Desire. In some terms, it seems to be true. Its the successor to HTC tattoo and its a worthy one. The finishing is impeccable and much more professional so is the design as compared to tattoo. The phone is sturdily build however the screen is smudge prone. The phone has ARM6 528 Mhz processor on board with 384 MB ram. Its good for light weight gaming but is unable to render 3d games and play high def videos. The phone lags in its default HTC sense UI hence you are recommended to use some professional UI launchers like Go Launcher EX, Launcherpro and ADW. Bet the lag is attributed to CPU. Make sure your applications are compatible to them as my HTC music player crashed a lot more when I installed Launcher pro. Wildfire shines in the connectivity department.

HTC wildfire review | 5 must have Wildfire applications | Complete guide to HTC wildfire Everything is tightly integrated with social networking in mind. You can add contact, link it to facebook profile, email, twitter..and the best thing it supports real time status updates when someone calls you. Nice touch. Internet is smooth, however, again, the default browser is slow as compared to Opera Mini and skyfire browsers. The touch is nice, when compared to Samsung offerings and LG optimus one, the touch is much better and much responsive. The Wifi-GPS-Bluetooth bundle is good and I tested Google latitude over it which gave me quite accurate results. I do have problems with keypad, but then, i installed swype and the problem was gone. Camera is a 5 MP with flash and can take good-outdoor-bad-indoor pics, there is no protective cover but over all the flash and smile detection makes the day. The accelerometer is a bit slow when it comes to rotation but again, i will attribute it to the slow cpu. Overall, its a nice phone for an android starter and offers the best bang for your buck.

The phone has Froyo 2.2.1 and is unable to be rooted at the moment. Hence I am unable to provide you how it can be optimized when rooted and how it performs as a rooted toy. I am waiting for the next Unevoked/superoneclickroot update so that i can finally squeeze the juice out of my phone.

I do tested some penetration testing applications on it and you can read my post regarding them here.


  • Better touch
  • 384 MB ram
  • 5 MP camera with flash
  • Excellent connectivity,A must have for social-networking enthusiastic
  • Overall a Good bundle


  • Pricier as compared to the competition
  • low res screen
  • Could have had a much better cpu


An average android phone is incomplete without applications, I recommend these apps as a must have -

  • Launcher Pro – If you want to make your UI super smooth, this is the way to go.
  • GO SMS – the best sms application, even better than chomp sms.
  • SWYPE – tired of cramped keypad ? Try swype and all your worries will be gone.
  • Opera Mini the best cellphone bnrowser out there, if you want flash support, you can go with Dolphin and Skyfire though.
  • Bar Code scanner – A must have for every android phone. Get anyone from android app market.


My recco – buy it if you are tight on budget, its better than its counterparts if you are not into gaming and watching videos on your cellphones.

Wardriving with Android | Hacking Wifi networks with Android | Wifi Network Audit using Android | Wifu with android | Best wardriving applications on android

Hi friends.. I recently bought HTC wildfire and have been experimenting with it to the fullest. Wardriving with Android | Hacking Wifi networks with Android | Wifi Network Audit using Android | Wifu with android | Best wardriving applications on androidIts based on Android 2.2.1  Froyo and is unrootable till date using Unevoked, superoneclick root and z4root rooting applications, hence i am bit limited by the default manufacturer only functions. I nearly bricked my phone but it sprang back to life after some trys. On the topic though. I was actually quite interested in testing the wardriving capabilities of the device and hence on scrolling through the app market, I found some useful applications which I thought must share you with. Wardriving for me is a two step process -



G-mon is a powerful WarDriving scanner and GSM / UMTS Netmonitor and drive test tool. It scans for all WiFi networks in range & saves the data with GPS coordinates into a file on your sd card. You can create a kml file for Google Earth. It shows you the encryption, channel an signal strength. It shows all APs in range in a live map. I used it to collect lots of wifi data which I will be publishing soon.

Install it from here




another fantastic wardriving app which stores scans in sqlite db on the sdcard and displays found networks around in the map.It Requires Google MAPS installed.

Install it from here


Wifi Analyzer

Wifi Analyzer

This app literally turns your android phone into a Wi-Fi analyzer!! It helps you to find a less crowded channel for your wireless router and allows to audit networks.

Install it from here


Once you get networks, you can then break them into it using Aircrack and backtrack.  Its easy and worth its salt :) . Here is a slice of my wardriving logs while i was in DTC bus :D

BSSID;LAT;LON;SSID;Crypt;Beacon Interval;Connection Mode;Channel;RXL;Date;Time

at the end of the day, the moment that put a smile on my face was when i saw this as a network name near Delhi Cantt -

“You cant hack this Wifi dear neighbor”

It was a wpa2/psk secured network with static ip and mac filtering and the guy knew what he was doing :) Watching secured networks always makes my day.

Comparison of Unified Threat Management Products – The guide to Unified Threat Management systems (UTMs)

Hi folks..this time I will be exploring the Unified Threat Management systems and comparing multiple Comparison of Unified Threat Management Products – The guide to Unified Threat Management systems (UTMs)UTM products in  the same. I would recommend you to read my previous posts on Unified threat Management systems to understand it fully -

for your convenience, I have created a pdf and have uploaded it to scribd and slideshare. You can read my full report below..


Stay gold..


Rishabh Dangwal