BackTrack 4 Pre-release available now !!

I previously blogged about Backtrack 3,the ultimate hacking tool disc with over 300 tools…Now..the good news follows up as the latest version of Backtrack was unveiled by the guys at Remote Exploit.

For those that don’t know what BackTrack is,It is the top rated linux live distribution focused on penetration testing. With no installation whatsoever, the analysis platform is started directly from the CD-Rom and is fully accessible within minutes. BackTrack 4

It’s evolved from the merge of the two wide spread distributions – Whax and Auditor Security Collection. By joining forces and replacing these distributions, BackTrack has gained massive popularity and was voted in 2006 as the #1 Security Live Distribution by Security professionals as well as new-comers are using BackTrack as their favorite toolset all over the globe.

The new version has busted the 700mb file size though so it’d DVD or USB, it’s recommended to use a USB drive to run it or install it on your HDD as running from a CD isn’t exactly speedy.

Download BackTrack 4 Prerelaease



Doom Creators Bought by Fallout makers

Imagine Doom, Fallout, Oblivion, Wolfenstein, Carmack, Howard... all in one company. The dream became reality in one  ID bought by ZenMaxbig shock.
Gaming industry witnesses a new era of greatness as two of the most acclaimed game development studios of all time are joining forces. ZeniMax Media,the parent company of Fallout 3 and the highly acclaimed Elder Scrolls development studio Bethesda Softworks, announced today that it is purchasing legendary Doom and Wolfenstein studio id soft. 
id co-founder John Carmack, id CEO Todd Hollenshead and ZeniMax CEO Robert Altman commented that the purchase will change none of the principles of id and Bethesda but will allow id to grow like it never has before. The purchase does not affect plans for previously announced games from id that are slated for release through other publishers, including the Activision-backed Wolfenstein and the EA Partners-planned Rage.
As for the million dollar question - Why did id sell?ZeniMax Buys ID and merges Bethesda
Carmac justified by saying "We're really getting kind of tired competing with our own publishers in terms of how our titles will be featured,And we've really gotten more IPs than we've been able to take advantage of. And working with other companies hasn't been working out as spectacularly as it could. So the idea of actually becoming a publisher and merging Bethesda and ZeniMax on there [is ideal.] It would be hard to imagine a more complementary relationship. They are triple A, top-of-the-line in what they do in the RPGs. And they have no overlap with all the things we do in the FPSes."
Hollenshead pointed that ZeniMax's acquisition will allow id to grow its internal teams, staffing up the groups working on the next Doom — which will now be a ZeniMax game — and for starters,the Quake Live team.
The goal, explained Carmack, is for id to handle all of its own IPs. "We can build the pipeline and have a regular pipeline of releases."
In short -
ID + Bethesda = Pure Awsummness!!!!
Amen :)
Wolf Goes wild Fallout Merges Oblivion Continues As doom begins

Use Windows Key for Start Menu in Linux

Yesterday I installed Vmware and tested Ubuntu Linux on it,however being a keyboard ninja,I felt clunked whenever I hitTried and tested on Ubuntu :) the Windows key (another windows habit of bringing Start Menu) to bring the Ubuntu Panel at the top of screen as nothing happened at that time. Ubuntu Panel is a dropdown menu which is used to launch applications, which is quite similar to the way Windows has the start menu. However If you are a windows user new to Ubuntu, you might want to have the windows key launch the applications menu. Thankfully this is an easy thing to do in Ubuntu.

Go to the System \ Preferences \ Keyboard Shortcuts menu item:

Modify the Key behaviour


Scroll down till you see the “Show the panel menu” item,click in the Shortcut column, and when it changes to “New accelerator…”, hit the Windows Key. Close all windows and you’re done!

Now whenever you will hit the windows key (intentionally/unintentionally/for God’s sake :P) , the application menu will pop up and you can navigate into it using the arrow keys.


Cheers and Keep Learning



Hack website using BlackWidow

Every budding Internet hacker or a user wants to hack a website,but is unsure on how to do that.In my last post,I Hack website using BlackWidow discussed about Google Hacks which can be used to search for vulnerable sites and content from Google,however if you want to scan a website for its loopholes,you will need a good website ripper or a mapping tool. BlackWidow fills the missing link here.BlackWidow is a website scanner,a site ripper and mapping tool which is primarily used to scan a site and create a complete profile of the site’s structure, files, external links and even link errors.Upon scanning BlackWidow will download all file types such as pictures and images, audio and MP3 and literally any type of files from any websites.And If you are good (:P) then you can write your own "Plugins" for impossible to scan sites.

Primary features of black widow are -

  • It can even scan and retrieve hidden emails

Get hidden emails from the sites

  • Can reproduce the whole website directory structure.

BlackWidow can scan and reproduce the directory structure of a website easily

  • BlackWidow can scan a site without downloading it to your hard drive

It can scan a site without downloading it to your hard drive

  • Monitors web activity and keeps an eye on every program which access internet.

BlackWidow actively monitors who or what access the net

  • BlackWidow can be customized in any which way you like by using Plugins which can be written with little or very less programming experience.

BlackWidow has lots of plugins:)

That said,I was easily able to download the directory structure of my college’s website and scan it using Acunetix Vulnerability scanner for some loopholes and exploits.And it was easy as hell !! Overall,its a must have tool for security experts and noobs alike.

You can download it from the link below,its a trial version.

Download Black Widow


[PS:You know how to get full versions..aint it? and if not,email me,I will give you the link..afterall,Knowledge is unbounded and free]


Cheers and Keep Learning



Hack Google with Google Hacks

I earlier blogged about some cool google dorks to search around,but it required precision and a bit of memorising capability (which I suppose we all are lacking nowdays :P). Here comes the rescue tool for the lazy - Google Hacks is a compilation of carefully crafted Google searches that expose novel functionality from Google's search Hack Google queries using Google Hacks and map services. You can use it to view a timeline of your search results, view a map, search for music, search for books, and perform many other specific kinds of searches. You can also use this program to use Google as a proxy.As the website itself says,Google Hacks is A compact utility for several google hacks. Although its not good as the Gooscan-a far superior tool to scan for vulnerabilities in web,its well worth a try.
Google Hacks in Action
The Automated search results
Google Hacks is well worth a shot,however I will be posting about better tools.You can download Google Hacks from the link given below
Download Google Hacks

Cheers and  Keep learning



Konami has launched the original Metal Gear Solid on PSN for $9.99.What Hideo Kojima created became a groundbreaking Yeah..MGS on PSN :) classic digital masterpiece by skillfully combining cinematic, fully voiced cut scenes with groundbreaking realitime 3D gameplay to deliver an all-new kind of genre that became known as tactical-espionage action. Plus, it was simply bad-ass.

The first remake,Twin Snakes was ruined. It was still a good game, but no where near as good as the original. The voice acting was all re-done and none of the actors put in as much effort, a lot of the classic lines have no impact in that version, and many of the scenes have Snake performing Spider-man style flips and jumps which appear very out of place and just silly.Some old Snake Action..I really love that

Seriously, if you’ve never played this game, you gotta download this bad boy and check it out. One of the greatest games of all time. Period.Its simply deserves your time,I have played it for more than 10 times and I am still going strong for it,its that good,and no I am not a delirious fanboy of this game :P its just that good.

Play or D!* :P


[PS:Sorry for a late update,i was out of station :) ]



Going Retro hard with Contra Hard Corps

This weekend I got high with retro with my fellow gamers,and played arcade and old console games on various One hell of a legendary series..emulators and consoles.When asked which game I enjoy the most on my old Sega Genesis,I come up with 3 names – Contra:The Hard Corps,Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3,Street Fighter 2 Dash. However,the best game that I can play anytime,any number of time without getting bored is the one and only Contra:The Hard Corps. If you have not played this gem,then You gotta play it,and yup I m serious.
The Hard Contra ?
Yep,the premise is set after the Contra 3: The alien wars,which is the best Contra Konami offered on Super Nintendo,and is considered to be the hardest Contra till date.After the original makers of Alien wars split out ,Konami came up with the idea of making the Ultimate contra ever made,and they got it right (for me,for every diehard gamer out there).Explosions everywhere,bullets mashing robots..its ContraYou are continuously sprayed by bullets,encounter multiple stage bosses which you have to beat with a different strategy each time you encounter,gigantic effects,freakier looking explosions and a continuous run and gun gameplay,this is the best kickass contra made for any console till date !
In short you gotta play It !!!
Sega Does What …(get the idea)
Contra hard Corps is the ultimate contra ever made (I think I m getting kind of of repetitive),when it was released,it showed off the best graphics ever ,the complex programming,exclusive power ups,the facility of holding 4 type of guns,4 distinct players to choose from,totally arcade experience and multiple endings…just name me one game which holds every bit of all these features and is made in that era,and its quite hard to begin with.4 distinct players to choose,different powerups and strategies...Its one hell of a mashups :) Hard Corps pushed Genesis to its limits and made it do things which one can never imagine and made geeks like me to drool. Trust me,if you are one of those guys who want the ultimate test of your gaming skills in retro gaming,go get it and play it,either on emulator or on your Genesis..You will be thanking me sooner :P
In short you gotta play it !!!
The Sound Factor
Shall I talk about soundtrack ? On the sleek looking genesis,which delivered the best looking graphics of its generation,was infamous for its sound which was nothing compared to what Super Nintendo delivered.Ah..16 Bit greatness in its full glory... Contra proved everybody wrong by delivering a badass electronic-rock n roll soundtrack which even today makes its way into my playlists.I especially love the Ending theme,Format X and Moonlit Army tracks of the game.Exquisite sound design compliments an already great game an immortal one.
In short you gotta play it !!!
Last Words
Well..until now you have an idea of what I will be mentioning here..Contra Hard Corps is the Best genesis game ever for me and is the ultimate contra ever made.
You can download it from here
In short you gotta play it !!! :P



Integrate all your social networks with Ping.FM

Want to tell the world you just won tickets to T20 Worldcup? If you are an avid netizen,you may have joined more than 2Integrate all your social networks with Ping.FM or three social networking sites to get in touch with your friends,with the world.And I bet it will take quite long to post all your updates and the “ticket” news on comes aims to rescue. This neat service makes updates a unified affair: Just send your missive to the service and it'll post it to all your networks. has a large network base and currently supports over 40 of the most popular ones, ranging from mainstream networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to lesser-known outlets like Bebo, Brightkite, and Rejaw. Ping FM supprts quite a lot of networks (more than what is shown in this pic :P)

For using this service,you must sign up at Ping FM which is in its beta stage. After signing up for an account , you'll be able to post your updates via e-mail, SMS, instant message, your phone's browser, Skype, and even an iGoogle gadget.

On the Dashboard page (a bit overwhelming but you will get used to it) just click the posting method you want to use to get the instructions you need, like your unique e-mail address or the iPhone-friendly browser URL. can automatically take care of things like URL shortening (handy for the likes of Twitter and Rejaw), and it lets you set up posting groups in case you want to hit some, but not all, your networks.

In short, it's a handy little service, one that can definitely save you some time.

Join Ping FM


Keep Learning



Get Vista Address bar in XP

Some of us just cant get enough of XP,yep I am a Vista hater,but recently a question from Mark Levy who emailed me Modding XP to Vista ? Backward Evolution I guess...about manually getting all the programs to mod XP into Vista for the sake of fun and geekdom (Quite provoking and  comprehensive email..thanks Mark).I thought for a while decided to give it a go. I really liked the breadcrumbs system in Vista address bar and wanted to add it in XP among some other tweaks.I found a great program using which you can get Vista Breadcrumb’s address bar in Windows XP.

This application should be really helpful for those of you that aren't ready to switch to Windows Vista yet, but want to get some of the new features.Vista has its share of good features..Ah..The Breadcrumbs
What you need -
  1. Windows XP with .Net Framework 2.0 or higher
  2. QT AddressBar
  3. Free time :P
After downloading QTAddressBar,install it by unzipping the files into the location you'd like to keep them, and then double-click on the QTAddressBar.exe file.
The Magic app
As application launches,Select the Install option, and then click the Next button to register the component with Windows.
Install the application
The program may ask you to restart your system or to Log off and then login again. Here is a neat trick. Go to task manager,and restart explorer.exe by ending it first and then running it again by selecting File \ New Task option once you kill the process.This will save you from Lo on-Log Off and restart headaches.Actually it just refreshes the explorer shell to check and apply new components.
Once you have restarted the explorer,you can now right-click on the toolbars area and do these two actions:
  1. Deselect Address Bar
  2. Select QT Breadcrumbs Address Bar
Right Click on toolbars and select QR Breadcrumbs Address Bar
And voila..You'll have an incredibly similar breadcrumbs implementation for Windows XP. Congrats you have applied the breadcrumbs clone in your Windows XP.
Enjoy Vista Breadcrumbs in full glory in XP :P

Cheers and Keep learning


The 10 SEO tips to Optimize your website

Making a website is easy,but making it survive through the Wild Wild Web is quite a formidable task. I have seen many 10 Tips to Optimize your websitepotential websites crumble and vanish through the web in a short span of time,and today I will be sharing my knowledge with you. I have followed the 10 simple rules which have allowed me to get the love of my readers in such a short time and have made ProHack more than a name in the web.These tips will allow you to optimize your website’s SEO and guarantee increase in web traffic. These are comprised with the most common mistakes which lead to a website going kaput (oh wait..there are solutions as well :P),and mind it,give it a read and you are good to go with your website.

Great Content

Great websites drive great traffic by delivering the best they have to offer.Generate great content,if not,recycle great great content helps you Stand out and be unique and drives loads of trafficcontent by permission,and do include links to the original article if you are “borrowing” it or “remixing” it. Also,hunt at article sites like Wikipedia,Wikihow,Ehow and keep your digital ears and eyes open for the latest news. Sometime by  getting the fresh news and delivering it first gets you loads of traffic.I blogged about King of Fighters 12 and Resident Evil 5 almost instantly and was instantly hailed by my dearest readers.Great content helps you to stand out against your competitors.

Here is the bottom line –


Directory submissions

Have a great website ? well you would probably like to get noticed fast,submit your site to DMOZ,Alexa,and major Submit your site to search engines and directories Search  engine players like Google,Yahoo or you can use automated submission software and sites like IBP Arelis and more. Include your site to other famous web directories like Blogcatalog.Get noticed,get traffic,make money and get paid.

Meta Madness

Optimize your meta tags and code to reflect what your website does. Meta tags are read by search engines,the grand daddies of the web site mumbo-jumbo so you better be specific. A meta description of 150 words and 12 keywords is Edit meta tags to your  favor ideal for a website. Be creative and be different. Remember there are a lot of copy cats around so try to be unique and make your site stand out.

you can edit the meta description by going to the code and adding the Description,keywords/tags,and author attributes.

<meta content=' Enter your site Description Here ' name=' description'/>
<meta content=' Enter upto 10-12 Keywords Here ' name='keywords'/>
<meta content=' Enter Author name Here ' name='author'/>

and add it to the head section of your code.

Make Them Subscribe

Now you are driving some visitors to your website and are all set to take the big leap. Well make sure you have RSS or The Feed Button - as if you dont know it :P ATOM feeds enabled to your blog or website. Its the basic requirement for any website to have an automated system to deliver its updates to its loyal readers. You can use feed integrating services like Feedburner or Feedblitz to cater your feeds to your readers.add this code to your head section of your website -

<link href='' rel='alternate' title='nameofwebsite' type='application/rss+xml'/>

Add the big Orange button of feed subscription on top of your website,readers tend to click on the infectious orange button for feed subscriptions. Also offer email updates and just never let your website readers go to any other site for the content you offer.

Keyword Orientation

This is one of the most basic techniques,use your website’s main keywords in your content and articles. however be   KEYWORDS ARE THE CORNERSTONE OF YOUR CAMPAIGNvary,dont overdo it,else search  engines will consist your site a spam site. However controlled keyword management enables your website to get good search engine rankings as it relates your site to the services you offer. Include keywords in headlines and generate keyword rich relevant content and you will be set to go. Be specific and creative while choosing keywords. You can use phrases if you are short of words.Here is a simple rule -


Link Management

Its simple as hell and yet most of people get it wrong. DONT MAKE YOUR SITE A LINK FARM . Always link to related websites but add a nofollow attribute to it so search engines don't read it. Include inlinks,that is the links to your own website and articles connected using keywords. Make sure to decorate your keywords by adding a title to your keywords

for ex -

Wrong Method - Link with no explanation or titlePROHACK

The correct method of displaying Link - PROHACK

using inlinks have a great plus point,it makes your reader wander in your site and doesn't makes him go away unless your site is short of good content,something which you cant lack in any condition.

Also try to get links from other websites as maximum as possible,be an active member in forums,put the link of your website in your forum signature and let it roll.

The Layout

Make sure your site has a clean layout with ads well hidden and blended in the template.Include your profile link or an Optimise your website according to SEO techniques about page and brag about yourself (literally).Proper feed subscription buttons and eye soothing color theme has a great mental effect on your visitor.Keep your website aesthetic and have a clean interface for navigation. if your website has a long scrolling problem,cut it short by adjusting height or include a “back to top of page button”.  Make your visitors feel right at home when they are your webpage and they will return the favor by visiting again and again and again :) Add ALT and TITLE attributes to images so incase if they are not displayed or rendered by the browser,the reader shall get the idea what was there.Use images to your advantage,use flash only if it is necessary and make sure it loads up well and matches with all available flash versions. I have seen websites pucker and say that I don't have the latest flash version while I was having just one version older. That pissed me off and many others. Don't let it happen to you.

Convertible traffic

Now here comes the concept of convertible traffic,time is precious and everybody looks for related stuff in order to save time. Save your readers time by offering them related links and articles alongside your article,in that way you will be a great resource and a honeypot for your readers.Convert your traffic to useful bucks by offering them relavent ads well Convert web traffic to your whims blended and well placed in the site.Make sure to reply to comments and get feedback from time to time in order to be in touch with your readers.SMS your loyal subscribers about your updates using Google alerts or any other service. I have implemented the sms update service on my blog. You can join and get the latest updates of my website from here

Friendship counts

Yup..make friends,both with readers and other webmasters. Ask for LINK EXCHANGE FROM SITES WITH HIGHER PAGERANK AND RANKING.Comment frequently on well maintained blogs,leave your links by permission and invite them to comment and post articles on your blog.This will help maintain good relations with other bloggers. Exchange SEO techniques and you can even host their ads on your website and yours on them.   LINK EXCHANGE FROM SITES WITH HIGHER PAGERANK AND RANKING

Make sure to Reply to comments left by your readers.This way they will feel they are being heeded and are following a professional website.

Social Bookmarks

Get free publicity from social bookmarks. Encourage your users to bookmark your content and share it the way they like. Allow them to remix and adapt your content and make sure you do get a backlink for that (You sure deserve it :P). Embed feed and sharing widgets in your site and use them to your advantage. Make a brand name for yourself using these tools.Use social bookmarking to your advantage

Today an average internet surfer is very intelligent and likes to share and link up everything he gets with his near and dear ones..Urge him to share up your views and ideas.Digg,Stumble,Reddit your ideas and articles regularly and be an active member in these communities.


I hope you will have a nice time with your website once you follow this straight.

Gudluck and Keep learning



Exams Over..I M back

Hi Guys..My exams are over (well almost) and I feel great when I m resuming back to technoblogging after a dreaded examtime of 1 month.Trust me it was a period of waking for whole night and just getting nuts with books..but It paid off,I cleared last semester with 78% marks and it was a blast.Okay,I m not a topper,but I m good at something and I m proud of it. I will be posting daily from tomorrow onwards and will start with some cool things which I learnt while I was messing up my head with the best geeks out there (while my exams were happening :P).

Thanks for supporting my blog up,you guys rock when it comes to reader loyalty and lets keep it like it :)

hurray..EXAMS OVER !!!

Cheers and Keep learning





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